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Im pretty sure, if I dont have both pairs, I will probably arrest, and die right now.

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Der Name Der Rose JSK (Short Ver.)

Hey my rufflebutts, what brands are good for ouji/dandy/kodona? Its not something I follow closely, so I ask you for help!

Top Ten Lolita Dress Up Games


10. Lolita Doll Dress Up Game - Cindy’s Games

9. Sweet Lolita Dress Up Game - Lushuk

8. Casual Lolita - Rinmaru Games

7. Punk Lolita Fashion Dress Up - Rinmau Games

6. Sweet Lolita Mega Dress Up - Irie for Doll Divine

5. Decololi Dress Up - Rinmaru Games

4. Lolita Maker - Setsuna22 for Doll Divine

3. Lolita Fashion Creator - Rinmaru Games

2. Gothic Lolita - Lan Wu for Doll Divine

1. Mega Lolita Fashion Creator - Rinmaru Games

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Anonymous asked:

How are otome and casual lolita different? They look almost the same to me


This is going to be difficult for me to explain since I’ve never worn Otome.
Otome is a feeling, it’s not a substyle of Lolita. It’s not something that appeared as a result of Lolita either: it’s one of the foundations for Lolita Fashion’s existence. That is to say, it came before.

Otome is not exclusively dresses, either. Shorts can be otome, for example. You don’t require a specific silhouette to achieve that “maiden’s” feeling.

Brands most closely associated with Otome in my mind are MILK, Jane Marple, Emily Temple Cute, Jill Stuart, and I think Axes Femme as well?

Casual Lolita has a toned down, everyday feeling while Otome is still a very polished style. In casual you sometimes see t-shirts and cutsews, loliable sneakers — in Otome you wouldn’t see that sort of thing. It can be “casual” but you still look very much look an elegant young lady.

Some outfits can be viewed as both Otome and Casual Lolita because of the overlap in brands and general aesthetic. That’s probably why you feel some confusion in this respect.


If you like old school Metamorphose or natural kei, check out Physical Drop.  It’s the indie brand of Kuniko Kato, former Meta designer.

Part 2/2

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I’m never drawing ruffles again dear god

Fullsize plz!  I forgot that tumblr isn’t so friendly to wide images

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My conversation with frillyroses inspired me to make a list of the secondhand lolita shops I have bookmarked. I haven’t shopped from all of them but I have verified through various reviews that they are reliable shops. Keep in mind that the reliability of the EGL comm sales, Lace Market, and Mbok depend on the individual sellers, not the sites themselves.

Alice Fururun

Closet Child

Clothing Drop

EGL Comm Sales

Fairy Angel

Lace Market

Lolita Desu

Maiden Clothing (Payment by credit card only)

Mbok (Requires SS)

Miss Harajuku

Tokyo Alice

Usagi Youhinten

Violet Blue (Requires SS)

It’s a short list but there are some that most people have likely never heard of. If you know of any that aren’t on this list, please tell me!


Victorian Maiden 2001 Classical Doll OP

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Lace Ribbon Under dress from Victorian Maiden

/ Outer broad> 
100% cotton 
100% Polyester 
Rose lace motif Country of origin Japan

Length 95cm (up to basic size / BNP ~ frill end) 
      90cm ~ 96cm (adjustable ribbon shoulder) 

height 35cm (base size / West switching bottom) 
bust 82cm ~ 102cm (adjustable outer size / shirring)
Waist 62cm ~ 88cm ( adjustable) outside dimensions / ruched 
hem circumference 583cm (frill end)

※ The width of the shoulders is supposed to be the 37cm in nude size. 
※ left side concealed zipper opening. 
※ Length adjustable shoulder ribbon. 
※ bust waist size, adjustable size of slightly shirring.※ For details of the size here there is some individual difference in the finish We do so by hand ※ cut and sewn. ※ There is a case to be able to see color and texture slightly different from the site publication product, from the real thing.

Cinnamon (the off-white one) 


Magic Cat Street - Chiffon Gradient JSK reservations

The first batch will be shipped out around 25 July. After 25th July they are still taking orders, the second batch will be sent out around 10 August. Every pre-order participant will receive a complimentary pair of wristcuffs. The headdress cannot be purchased separately. The headdress is limited to 5 pieces for Forest of Jade; 10 pieces each for every other colour.

Materials: Chiffon 100-120 denier

Options: +头带 (JSK + headdress), 单jsk (JSK only)

Colours: 冰蓝之空 (Ice sky blue), 枯木之林 (Wilting Woods), 红酒之醇 (Fine Red Wine), 玫瑰之约 (Date with the Rose), 翡翠之森(Forest of Jade)

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Oh man I want to do a Doctor Who inspired lolita coord but I’m afraid people will see it as cosplay. I want something based around the look of one of the Doctor’s. I’m not sure what yet, but I don’t even have a job yet so it’s pointless to think about it right now… there are so many cosplays I want to do too…

Go for it! There’s lots of stuff over in my Doctor Who tag, if you’re needing some inspiration :D

I had thought about this a bit.. and really… how is a print of say… tardis or w/e at the bottom of it any different that cats, unicorns, and sweets? OH I LOVE THIS THINGS THEY ARE ON MY DRESS. So it’s a series that you like instead of a collection of random object(s). General ita/good coord theories apply still, but if you want to be Gimli if he was a lolita/wore dresses, or have the Serenity flying around the hem of your dress, it’s really no stranger than having a vanity table top there instead. I mean, it can be closer to cosplay than just wearing a t-shirt of the item, doing something like “if the Doctor was/wore lolita” because you’re trying to get into the characters head, but you enjoy said thing, and are just expressing you’re love for it. 

Some things work better than others, but in general, there’s no reason to accept the hate from others who go “LOLITA =/= COSPLAY” 


How to make a cutsew.

246 followers! Thank you all so much and Wellcome to my humble blog!

This tutorial is a bit harder then the last one. A few more details and I feel that the tutorial Went a Little bit fuzzy, time to time.
But as I promised, here it is. If you have any questions about it, its alright to ask and I will do my very best to help you.
I’m sorry it took such time, but my free Photoshop passed the last date for Days ago and I had to wait until I could get the chance to get a membership at Adobe and then to subscribe to Photoshop. But it is done, and I hope you all wish alot more tutorials to complete your Lolita-look or even tutorials about other things. If there is anything you wish to know, just ask.
Thank you all so much, yet again. I appreciate each and everyone of you, my dear followers.


Ps. Sorry for my bad English in the tutorial. I will try to be more clear next time. :)

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Received another precious&#160;!!! 
After reserving it in may, it finally arrived to me ahaha. It’s really pretty, the colors are so vibrant&#160;! 



Received another precious !!! 

After reserving it in may, it finally arrived to me ahaha. It’s really pretty, the colors are so vibrant !