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simple coord
dress: Victorian maiden
blouse: off

May have posted this. Reblog again,I had a friend looking for simple lolita dresses that may work as a wedding gown before, so I’ll tag this.



simple coord

dress: Victorian maiden

blouse: off

May have posted this. Reblog again,I had a friend looking for simple lolita dresses that may work as a wedding gown before, so I’ll tag this.

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Bust 104cm
Waist 90cm
Bodyline $67


Bust 104cm

Waist 90cm

Bodyline $67

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Yay! Got a new skirt! It is by axes femme

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Dear Celine New Arrivals



Still fucking dying over those waistcoats

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blue dress are so romantic and elegant for spring <3

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A list of sites similar to Milanoo that you should NEVER buy from.

Not sure if that awesome cheap lolita dress you found is actually a good purchase? Check this list out!

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I’m putting the Swan dress up for direct sale. This is a unique dress, the only one in it’s existence. This dress costs 600 euro. It has lots of layers upon layers of soft tulle which make the nice soft poofy bustle, and a lot of hand sewn pearl beading. This dress has a bust of 86 and a waist of 66 (might be a little more, so don’t be afraid to contact me and ask me to check for you). Paying in instalments is possible. I ship anywhere.

#lolita #shirololita #wedding #pearls #doll #swan #4oclock #4oclockbylindafriesen #lindafriesen

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some of you lolita folk are assholes about lolita like

i like wearing this particular type of clothing!!! but if its not from the right, expensive store its like someone fingered satan in the butthole and came out with you

I’m sorry people were rude to you, but the reason people don’t like Milanoo isn’t because it isn’t expensive or from the right brand, its because Milanoo is literally a scam site.

If there is any wrong store to buy from when buying Lolita, it is Milanoo. Pretty much anything else is fair game and other Lolitas will literally not care what you are wearing. Here are some reasons why Lolitas do not like MIlanoo:

Their clothes are notoriously bad, like infamously bad. Milanoo operates by auctioning their sales to different factories for the lowest price, so not only do you not know what the quality will be like, Milanoo doesn’t care. People (not just Lolitas, they are infamously bad at their wedding dresses and have been featured on a variety of news outlets exactly for this!) have received half finished items, completely different items, or dresses that are so poorly made they are literally polyester lining runched tubes filled with cardboard and hoola hoops ( yes, literally that is what her dress was made of!)

Their site is misleading. They were notorious for simply taking legitimate Lolita brand’s stock photos, editing out the background and claiming that is the dress they were selling. Of course, they weren’t selling that dress, and were notorious for not even fully understanding what they were selling (they used to have several dresses on their site that were just the back view of stolen stock photos, so yes, they were planning on selling you a backwards dress because they simply didn’t know what they were even trying to rip off). Over the years I believe they have, to a degree, stopped doing this as much as they used to, but they still auction out their sales to random factories, so you still have just a shot in the dark of getting something that looks like what you’re buying.

They are shady as hell. Google reviews by them, reviews not hosted on their website. There are tons of instances of them not sending out items, charging people for shipping when they say the shipping is free, leading people who attempt to get refunded for very bad products in huge circles so they simply don’t get their refund, and just generally shady business practices. Maybe you ordered a bunch of times from Milanoo and it was no problem? Congratulations, you’re one of the lucky ones, but you still most likely got ripped off in a big way.

They write fake reviews and testimonials. Milanoo is notorious for running countless blogs, websites, and fake reviewing services that talk about how great they are, while pretending not to be them. This is actually one of the reasons why they got banned from EGL, because they kept making fake glowing reviews of their items and posting them under different accounts.

Their clothes are expensive. $60-$100 is a horrible price to pay for a low-to-mid quality Lolita dress, there are many places on Taobao and even Bodyline where the prices are cheaper and the quality significantly higher, and maybe more importantly, more consistent. Even using them as a shopping service, because Milanoo does offer some taobao brands for sale on their site, is significantly more expensive than pretty much any other shopping service out there. The worst part about this is they constantly lie to you by calling their clothes cheap or wholesale or bargain. They are absolutely not cheap prices for Lolita and are preying on people who simply don’t know better.

So generally, Milanoo is a really shitty place to buy from and their clothes are not only poorly made but incredibly expensive and their customer service is not just really bad, but out right malicious.


Stripe Tiered JSK / Stripe Ribbon

Anonymous asked:

Regarding the Bodyline might not be offbrand question. A lot of Bodyline dresses are visibly inspired by or actual replicas of brand dresses. Even their punk clothes are often replicated from lesser known brands like Atelier Boz. What Bodyline does is replicating dress cuts and colorways and creating own prints that are similar enough to brand prints to be recognized, yet different enough not to hurt the copyright laws. The dresses are designed and fabricated in China (cont)


(cont) the only thing that makes Bodyline different from Taobao stores is that their stores are in Japan and that they appear in the Gothic Lolita bible with advertisements since 2003 or so. If appearing in the GLB makes a brand “lolita brand” then Arachnophobia, A+Lidel, Alice Auaa, Elements, Black Peace Now and Lilith all have to be called brand as well. I wouldn’t mind it. Just calling Bodyline (with its replicas) brand and Arachnophobia offbrand seems a bit weird to me. (cont)

(cont) Then again if Bodyline was brand, because it was well known and accepted in the scene and different enough from the other brands not to count as replicas, and because it had its own nametags in the clothing, then a lot of Taobao brands and brands of other countries would have to be called brands as well. Many of them are not replicating (anymore) but designing their own prints and they are just as well known (or even better known) than japanese indies. (cont)

(cont/last) Bodyline being brand or offbrand is a quite tough question it seems. I would love to still see Bodyline pictures in here either way. Bodyline is affordable, comes in bigger sizes and can’t quite compete with the other brands in popularity and quality - I think everyone would agree here! I know I’ve slipped my name in one of the ask-thingies. It would be kind if you kept me anonymous. My tumblr is meant just to watch blogs not to write and I’d like to keep it that way :) Thank you.

It’s no problem! I will always respect any of my askers’ privacy, so do not worry!

It does seem that whether or not we classify Bodyline as brand really is a difficult issue, and I agree with your points here. Where do we draw the line between brand and offbrand? Distinctions between similar things can be very strange and often quite arbitrary, no matter the subject area.

And I am definitely not going to stop reblogging Bodyline, so don’t worry! Well, unless I get the vast majority of my followers telling me they don’t want it. But until that happens, I will continue nwn

uomvgirl asked:

I actually saw Bodyline in GLB. I don't usually pay attention to the Shop pages, but it was in there (black and white pages towards the end), and then I believe there was half a page/whole page advertisement on it. Granted it wasn't IN in there, as in being modeled by Kimura or Misaki, but it was in there.




There is a confession on Tell The Tea Confessions that says “It irks me when people call Bodyline ‘offbrand’. Sure it’s not -brand- brand, but offbrand (or so I thought) is supposed to mean clothing finds that weren’t intended to be lolita, and Bodyline’s clothes -are- intended to be lolita”. That one isn’t mine, but I have to agree 100% with that. I’ve never seen Bodyline as offbrand. I don’t consider indie brands “brand” though, because in my opinion, “brand” has to be well known.

Everyone knows Bodyline (it’s usually one of the things mentioned on the beginner lolita guides on finding cheaper lolita dresses). Indie brands aren’t as well known as Bodyline, and they aren’t always high quality, nor do the stores stay open for ten or so years. I feel that that is another qualification. If you look through old GLBs, there are stores advertised that you don’t hear of anymore, like Arachnophibia, Visible (GLB 8), A+Lidel, (GLB 14), etc. Okay, sorry this got so long, I’m done.

Ah, really? I haven’t seen that one, so I didn’t know that. That’s cool, though! I guess I’ve always seen Bodyline referred to as offbrand, so I’ve gone with that. Perhaps it’s because it is cheaper and the quality is not nearly as good as brand-brand. But that is a good argument for considering it brand! I don’t read confession blogs because it tends just to be petty drama, but maybe I should just to come across more diverse opinions (although the petty drama will probably end up putting me off lol).

So, according to your definition, offbrand is something that was either not intended to be lolita, or an indie brand? I hope I am understanding correctly!

Also, there are some indie brands that I think are as good or nearly as good quality as brand, but many aren’t, of course.

Thank you very much for your input! It’s always good to hear other people’s opinions =D

I always thought off brand was items that were made for mainstream fashion but could be loliable, hand made items and the occasional (if you are stupid lucky) dresses hawked by eBay sellers.
Bodyline just seems more like a lower end, more budget brand, like the difference between Regatta and SuperDry.
Bodyline are building a better reputation as far as quality is concerned because their newer dresses are better than the older ones.

But then people say that they aren’t a “proper” lolita store at all because they offer cosplay as well… but I don’t really see how that’s an issue, I mean more sales them and makes things easier for cosplayers that are into lolita as well as cosplayers that wanna shop somewhere they can trust.
I dunno… it really is all down to personal opinion, but I think they are a budget brand.

Thank you for your input, too! Maybe “budget brand” is a good way to put it.


Lolita High-waist skirt tutorial and pattern by Auris-Lothol done, over and out.
See the pattern with a few more ideas on my blog “silver afternoon”


im always amused when people ask what the difference between old school lolita and modern lolita is and exclaim that they see no difference. 

I usually explain what old school looks like but then I though, why not what old school doesnt look like.

  • pink & red was considered tacky and cheap together
  • wigs were kind of taboo, unless they were ringlet. They had to be natural coloured. Any unnatural colours was an instant ita
  • cosplay lolita was very frowned upon and was an insult most of the time. Something like a thor lolita coord would have been met with negative reactions
  • a dress where the entire fabric was a print, especially a busy one, was considered tacky and something you would find from a crappy ebay seller.
  • for sweet lolita, red, white, pink and powder blue were your only colours. anything else was unusual. 
  • sweet was not the most popular style and angelic pretty was hardly talked about (even though it is quite old)
  • matching sets were not common. To get a dress, socks, skirt, and multiple headdress in the same theme was uncommon and if you did that it was considered too “matchy matchy”
  • flats were considered ugly
  • lace was your main staple. It was talked about a lot. The detail was put into good lace.
  • If you wanted to match you wore white x (insert colour)
  • mixing two colours that werent white x colour was usually frowned upon. (for example black and pink) 
  • lots of makeup was not ok unless you were doing some sort of gothic themed photoshoot or mana related outfit. The idea was to be natural and im pretty sure circle lenses and multiple layers of eyelashes would have been met with gasps
  • accessories were kept to a minimum. most sweet lolitas now would have been scoffed at and told to go to a decora/fruits community
  • petticoat type skirts on the outside, whoooaaaa dont think so
  • accessories made out of clay or plastic would have been laughed at too and called cheap and probably told they belong in a decora group as well

(not diggin on modern lolita, just explaining the differences)

thats all i can think of right now

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spread the rectangle headdress love. And don’t forget rectangle headdress day the first Saturday in September!


spread the rectangle headdress love. And don’t forget rectangle headdress day the first Saturday in September!

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Lace Hairbow Barrette!


You will need:

A blank hair barrette (you can get them at any craft store for super cheap. Also, make sure your bow is wider than the barrette.)

Some lace or tulle. I cut mine off of an old dress.

Sharp scissors

A needle and thread

A bow. I also cut this off an old dress, but you can just as easily tie a  ribbon or bit of fabric into a bow.

If you want, ribbons, jewels, beads, feathers, etc.


Arrange the lace/tulle/what have you the way you like it, then use a loose running stitch to gather it at the top. Tie it off so it stays. This is also the time to sew on any ribbons and such. Don’t worry about the sewing being pretty; it won’t show.


You should have something kind of like this:


(sorry it’s all black and looks like a blob, for my next tutorial i’ll choose easier to see colors)

Now it’s time to sew the bow on. Just make sure you poke the needle through the back of the bow, not all the way through, so the stitches won’t show. It doesn’t have to be neat, but it should be secure. Four or five stitches should be plenty.


Tie off the thread.


Here’s how it looks from the back:


Now sew that to your barrette. I just sort of wrapped the thread around the middle of the barrette and sewed it to the back of the bow, to make it more secure than just sewing it on the ends.


You could also, instead of using a blank barrette, use one you don’t like and simply glue it on instead of sewing. However I like sewing because I don’t have to wait for it to dry and I can wear it right after I make it because I’m impatient.


Now sew the ends of the bow onto the little holes on the ends of the barrette. Again, make sure it doesn’t go all the way through to the front, just through the back of the bow.


If you’re using rhinestones, glitter, etc, glue them on and let them dry, and then you’re done!


So easy to add a custom touch to your outfits. The blank barrettes often come in packages (the one I used was $2.99 for a bag of 9) so you can make a bunch of them with any leftover fabric or ribbon scraps you might have lying around.

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