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Working in illustrator and SPINE 2d animation program this evening listening to stuff on Spotify. IF you want me to set up a stream drop me a note on LINE (yamneko) 

Would anyone be interested in watching me do some animation stuff?

streaming the drawing requests~ 

I’m gonna livestream this painting.

Yamneko Livestream

At first I wasn’t going to, but then I decided “yeah I guess I will” I’ll be doing some pokemon fushion


Starting a livestream~

Livestreaming~ Come chat and hang out

i cant get this little girl to stop looking like a gremlin :\ 

Livestream drawing~!

It’s that time again ~  come hang out :D

Drawing time

Today's Drawing Livestream

We get to livestream today! Come chat and hang out :D

Livestream: OFF

Now that my husband is in bed, time to draw some! Join me :D 

My crappy doodles can be found: Here

Livestream: OFF

whoops. Was going to live stream, but I need to get used to my set up again.. things are being drawn slanted :\

Livestream: OFF