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"When she had sat there for a while, a white dove came flying to her with a little golden key in its beak. It put the little key in her hand, and said, ‘Do you see that great tree, therein is a little lock, open it with the tiny key, and you will find food enough, and suffer no more hunger.’ Then she went to the tree and opened it, and found milk in a little dish, and white bread to break into it, so that she could eat her fill.

When she was satisfied, she said, ‘It is now the time when the hens at home go to roost, I am so tired I could go to bed too.’ Then the dove flew to her again, and brought another golden key in its bill, and said, ‘Open that tree there, and you will find a bed.’ So she opened it, and found a beautiful white bed, and she prayed God to protect her during the night, and lay down and slept.”

— excerpt from “The Old Woman in the Wood” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

overdress and shawl: h.Naoto GRAMM

necklace: Innocent World

fur: vintage

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Here’s a coordinate featuring SEVEN, DARK RED RUM, and Sixh. IBI!  Though our lines have their own distinct style, they are sometimes able to work together to create even more unique looks~

Be sure to show off how you mix and match your h. by submitting an entry to our Seven Deadly Sins Coordinate Contest!

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FRILL Carriage Embroidery Pumpkin Skirt FRILL Crown Stripe Lace Skirt FRILL 2WAY Jacquard Skirt


Mmmm, new items from h.naoto. Fluffy skirts!


New FRILL skirts have been added to Web Shop and are also available in-store!

FRILL Faire begins today and will extend until November 23rd!  For any purchase of a FRILL item over $50, customers will receive a special prize.  *This offer applies both in-store as well as online.*

New items are being added to our shop all the time so be sure to stay tuned!





h.NAOTO SEVEN August 2012

Co-ordinate breakdown of new SEVEN items. It consists of a chiffon halterneck dress with a tie-dye and classical print, asymmetric printed jersey dress and distressed hem asymmetric skirt. 

omg dat halter neck dress omg

My jaw literally dropped. 

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New US Limited bags are now available on our Web Shop! 

These bags are great to coordinate with your gothic or lolita h.NAOTO outfit!

Don’t forget to drop by our store this weekend during the last two days of the San Francisco Japantown Cherry Blossom Festival~!

I need now

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H.Naoto FRILL Top& Skirt set, JSK, Skirt and Headress 

All 2012

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h.naoto Frill Red Velour Bustle Skirt

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H.naoto Frill


H.naoto Frill